Microblading Explained! Is it really permanent?

Microblading is a procedure that requires special skills and a steady hand. The procedure of creating permanent eyebrows is a growing trend in the beauty community. With the cost of brows products going through the roof, beauticians have finally come up with a solution for us! Lash Studio Houston allows you to have realistic natural looking brows because technicians will create a hair stroke one by one to fill them out and create more definition. This will help many women out there who have trouble with creating even brows that don’t look too dark and too arched. Eyes may be the windows to the soul but eyebrows are the curtains, just as important. Eyebrows have the power to shape the face and create a soft or fiercer look.  It is important to realize that this procedure is semi-permanent which means it will fade over time. This means you will not have the same shaped eyebrows for the rest of your life and if the eyebrow trends change over time, you will not be stuck with this one shape forever. Once the pigment fades, your eyebrows will be looking the same as before!

Microblading costs around $600 but depending on the technician you find; this price may differ. Many techs differ in skill as well so be sure to find one that you can trust. No one wants to be an example of microblading gone wrong. You want to make sure that the technician has a professional license and sufficient training before proceeding to call and schedule an appointment. This is crucial because there may be many technicians that either don’t have a license yet or don’t have enough training to be able to create the perfect look for you. The idea behind permanent makeup is to ensure a beautiful natural look and empower women to feel confident in the way they look. Makeup can help women feel self-confident and can ultimately help build their self-esteem. All women are beautiful whether or not they wear makeup but if someone has the choice to truly break out of their shell and feel beautiful in their own eyes, why not? Many women are trapped in society’s standards of beauty and may not feel that they live up to that standard. While it is not fair, it also isn’t fair to expect women to feel confident and beautiful in their skin when they feel that others don’t see them that way. Permanent makeup has the power to help define specific facial features and to help boost someone’s confidence in the way they look without having to perfect the art of makeup and having to apply it every day.

Microblading is giving women and men the option to fill and define their natural eyebrows in order to fully enhance their facial features. Eyebrows have a huge effect on the way other facial features will appear and to have it permanently tattooed on, will help save a lot of time and effort for many struggling with applying makeup with eyebrow pencils, powder, pomade, etc. It is a helpful option and solution for many who have had trouble with their eyebrows!