The top 8 styles for Window replacements

Often times, people will notice the deterioration of their glass windows and inquire a local contractor to make a replacement. Before you pick up the phone, make sure you read the following styles to make the best choice for your home!

  1. Single-hung windows – This is a great option for someone who is looking for a classy aesthetic that is functional for their homes. This window operates with the use of a bottom sash. It is important to note that this option will save you a considerable amount of money
  2. Double-hung windows – This is similar to the single hung window but allows you to take a more creative approach in choosing a window. With a modern twist, this option will let you get a much cleaner view and a very sustainable glass replacement for every season
  3. Casement windows – This option operates by opening it upwards on a metal trigger. This is a great option for someone going for modern look, without compromising the effectiveness of the window.
  4. Corner windows – This option allows you to add style to the corners of your window by opening the glass through the sash in the corners. This is a great option for anyone who enjoys a modern look and stay functional for different occasions.
  5. Sliding windows – This option is the most common option for many home owners. It has beat the test of time and is a popular option for many residential and commercial buildings. This operates with a horizonal mechanism and offers weather protection. If you are looking for a simplistic option that is functional, we would recommend choosing the sliding window for your building.
  6. Photo window: This option is quite unique for window replacements. It’s main functionality is to allow light to enter and enjoy a bright and beautiful view. This normally comes in large window options and allows the customer to avoid any problems with the installation.
  7. Bay windows – This is more for the people who enjoy a panoramic option and pushes the boundaries of what a glass window provides for a home. It projects a beautiful display and operates with a nook where you can insert a seat to enjoy a beautiful view from your window top. This is an option that is commonly popular with millennials and anyone who enjoys a modern approach towards window replacements.
  8. Lastly, many window contractors will provide a custom windows option. This is the most versatile option and lets your creativity run loose. You can create the perfect window, while maintaining the efficiency and functionality of the window. You can decide the shape, the color, size, and many other options for the window.

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