Best Coffee Shops in Houston

If you’re in need of a nice place to study or get some work done, you have plenty of options in Houston. Houston is filled with cute cafes and nice little study spots! Also, if you appreciate coffee and lattes, you will love these places!

Tree House : This is a very cute little cafe that serves coffee and frozen yogurt. The seating is limited but the interior is cute and if you can snag a spot, a very good place to get some work done. The staff are friendly and the lattes are flavorful. The price point is good and not too high.

Bean Caffe Coffeehouse : This is the cutest little cafe and their drinks are awesome. They taste really good and the interior is cozy and quiet. Perfect place to get some work done and enjoy a drink!

Minuti Coffee: This place serves cute lattes with art and pastries. The interior is modern and the staff are friendly. The outside looks cool but the overall atmosphere is not as quiet as the other cafes. Still reasonably quiet if you have headphones and are focused.